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GOLDZBROUGH – I Tried…the Acoustic Version

GOLDZBROUGH – I Tried…the acoustic version

Beitragsserien: Goldzbrough
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The Original Version was already released on 4th of October 2019. After the great success of the Acoustic Version of „Good Things Never Last“ which is still in the SPOTIFY CURATORS PLAYLIST „HOT ACOUSTICS“ with almost 400.000 Streams and counting – GOLDZBROUGH is giving it another shot with an extrem extraordinary version of „I Tried“. The acoustic version provides an fantastic feeling and outstanding vocal arrangements, especially in the chorus.

A collaboration written over FaceTime and voice notes that turned into something far greater than Goldzbroughs imagination. But GOLDSZBROUGH new that this collaboration would work after there fantastic collaboration of Myles Green’s single „Catching fire”.

Written with the reality of how hard things get! how hard we try to impress, to be the best, be recognized, to be loved. But these are all our heavy insecurities and not being able to see the wood through the trees. Feeling no one believes in you when actually thats not true and you just need that reassurance from that one special person who inspires you! But they are no longer around in physical presence, so you’re wishing for that super ghost to come along and whisper in your ear and tell you everything is going to be ok.

Out Now – follow this link 👉🏻 http://smarturl.it/itried-pre

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